You will see from the menu that you can find information here on your Councillors, when the Council meets, and minutes of the meetings. Meetings are open to the public and are held in the Village Hall.

Local Council Award Scheme Foundation

The Parish Council is consulted over local planning applications; we can inform the planning authority (East Devon District Council) of views in our community but we cannot approve or reject applications ourselves.

The Parish Council can also pass on information or concerns over matters such as refuse collection, highway maintenance, traffic and transport, and policing. Our County Councillor, Ian Hall, and our District Councillor, Ian Thomas usually attend Parish Council meetings and inform us of policy developments.

The precept for 2022-2023 is £12,582 and has been the same since 2019/2020.
From this we pay a part-time clerk and support a number of community organisations including the playground and the Church. We also maintain a number of benches and noticeboards in the parish, ensure our footpaths and bridleways are in good order and that the brook is kept clear.

In view of its concerns on HGV’s through the Village the council has released a Position Statement.

We want to look ahead to think about the kind of community we want Axmouth to become – and how to protect the many good things about it. In 2009 we started the process of drawing up a Parish Plan. This was completed in 2011 – you can see our progress in achieving its aims by clicking on the links.