Every year the Parish Council agree a budget and from this determine the precept. The precept is collected via the Council Tax from the residents of the Parish and is the Council’s main source of income.

For the financial year 2019/2020 Axmouth Parish Council have approved a budget of £13,125 with a precept of £12,582(The difference is being taken from reserves). This represents an additional 24p* per month per Band D household (based on 10 monthly payments)

Click here to view the budget and precept details for 2019/2020

* This is the increase in the Axmouth Parish Council portion of the Council Tax calculation only.

Management of finances

A budget review is presented quarterly at the Parish Council Meeting (June, September, January (no meeting in December) & April). This shows the current spend to date under the budget headings.  This practice forms part of the Council’s good governance and ensures careful management of its finances.

An example quarterly budget review is available to view here