April 2009: Axmouth Parish Council gained funding from Awards for All (the Lottery) for a Parish Plan and website.

July 2009: Village Show: display of issues and ideas with ‘graffiti boards’ for community comments and suggestions.

September 2009: Drop-in Community Consultation at the Village Hall, with displays by community organisations and groups and summary of issues and visions raised so far by residents, from which:

October 2009: Steering Committee recruited.

Winter 2009-2010: Questionnaire drawn up by Steering Committee.

April 2010: The website went live; 215 questionnaires delivered to Axmouth households.

May 2010: Completed questionnaires collected (more than 80% of households responded – well above our target) and analysis begins.

July 2010: Interim results displayed at Village Show and feedback invited.

Autumn 2010: The data from the questionnaires was analysed, and the draft plan drawn up. This was discussed with Axmouth community organisations to ensure actions have their backing, and the draft amended in the light of these consultations.

February/March 2011: The full version of the Plan was sent to local authorities and made available on this website.  A summary was delivered to all Axmouth households.

July 2011: The Steering Committee reported on progress to date to the village show.

August 2011:  The plan was endorsed by East Devon District Council.

To see detailed progress reports, select from the following: March 2011July 2011January 2012